Seafood recipes for the Christmas

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Christmas parties are only spent once a year, a very exceptional time when beloved ones gather and observe and partake in the mood of the season.  As such, your Yuletide dinner (or lunch) spread should be more than the usual.

A special way to make an impression whether it’s a family reunion at home or a potluck party at the office is to dish out something unexpected.  Rather than spend a lot of time cooking a traditional roast turkey with all its customary accompaniments, keep that for Thanksgiving this year and program spectacular seafood spread instead.

Your theme is already very extraordinary that is likely to be commended by guests.  Make it more so by carefully thinking out your menu.  Confirm you have all your bases covered.  Fix an appetizer course of salad, soup and/or hors d’oeuvres, followed by a couple entrées.  And remember, there’s always room for dessert which you can prepare without any seafood though spirulina, an exceedingly healthy blue-green algae (therefore also considered seafood) can be used in sweets, chocolate preparations.

With a little ingenuity, one can decidedly make a feast entirely employing the bounty of the sea.  The key is to have a diversity of flavors and textures which you can accomplish with different elements.   Use fresh and seawater products like shellfish, shrimp, crabs, squid, mussels, clams and if your budget permits, impress guests with a nice juicy lobster or black tiger prawns.  Ascertain you have a lot of herbs, spices, lemon or lime to eradicate any fishiness and give a nice zesty flavor.

Do not exaggerate it, i.e., pile up every single dish with marine life.  Your guests might feel that they’re in the underwater kingdom of King Neptune!  Also, do not feel too pressured to spend too much on your ingredients.  The first priority, especially since you’re dealing with seafood, is freshness.  You can get a high-priced cut of salmon or a whole lobster but if it isn’t fresh, no fashion of cooking can cloak the off taste and smell.

You can still serve more established Christmas fare like eggnog, fruitcake, pudding and roast chestnuts to absorb the spirit of the holidays.  Complement this with a fresh green salad optionally topped with more seafood like chilled shrimp, squid or shellfish. Attain a holiday look and flavor by adding bright red ingredients like dried cherries or cranberries.

Lastly, do consider if you have guests who have sensitivities or allergies towards shellfish and make a dish or two for them!  After all, you certainly don’t want to have a distressed, discontented (and swollen) dinner guest for the holidays!